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 Doctors in India warn against using cow dung as Covid-19 therapy
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As India struggles with a second coronavirus wave, some have turned to cow dung “therapy” to ward off and cure Covid-19. Doctors have warned against the practice, saying there is no evidence it effectively fights the virus and that it could spread other diseases. 



Some people in India believe cow dung 'therapy can prevent and cure Covid-19. They cover their bodies with a mixture of milk, clarified butter, yogurt, and cow dung and urine. Guatam Manilal Borisa: The biggest concern these days is that our bodies do not get B12, and it is found in abundance in the dung of cows. If we mix dung and cow urine, then smear it on our bodies, the vitamin gets absorbed. When we smeared this paste, it was wet, and now it has dried on our bodies, which means the vitamin B12 has been absorbed. Therapy participants honour the cows and practice yoga as they wait for the mixture to dry. They then wash it off with milk or buttermilk. Uddhav Dilip Bhatia: I was working in very close contact with Covid-19 patients, and I always had this fear that I might get infected and my situation might worsen like those patients. But we started bathing with these panechavya (mixture) every Sunday. This bathing practice has given me new energy and positivity, and now I do not shy away from facing any situation. Doctors have warned against the practice, citing risks of spreadin other diseases. Dr. J.A. Jayalal: There is no scientific evidence to prove the cow dung can be used as a treatment or immunity booster against the corona infection which is prevailing. People should also understand t hat using excreta of cow, which has been considered a sacred animal, that is bound to increase (risks of spreading) some zoonotic or infectious disease more. India is facing a 2nd Covid-19 wave, and its death toll surpassed 250,000 on May 12. The country reported a record high of 4,205 coronavirus deaths that day. More than 300,000 new infections have been reported every day for nearly 3 weeks 



1. What alternative way people in India are doing to prevent and cure Covid-19? 

2. Detail the process of the cow dung therapy as per the participants.

3. What warning did the doctors give regarding this therapy?

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