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 6-Year-Old Girl Has Run-in With Shark in Shallow Water
 이** (jean)



A little girl got the scare of her life while splashing along the beach.

Anela’s mother was filming her as she played in the surf, when all of

a sudden the 6-year-old ran out of the water, screaming that there was

a shark. The frightening encounter happened off the coast of Oahu,

Hawaii. Experts say a blacktip shark, which commonly feeds on fish in 

shallow water, is likely what bumped into her leg. The girl said she wasn’t

going to stick around to find out! 



Anchor: If you're playing in the water, it's a good idea to keep your eyes open

and you're never too young to learn this. Thankfully, a six-year-old little girl 

playing the waves of Hawaii knew to stay alert. And when she saw that shark

fin, she made a beeline for the shore. Jim Moret has her story.

Reporter: A little girl gets the scare of her life while splashing along the beach. 

That's a shark in the shallow water and he just bumped her. The girl was just

a few feet from shore and her mom was recording with her cell phone when 

suddenly the shark appeared out of nowhere. Mom: She was running out of 

the water yelling there was a shark in the water. So I dropped my phone 

immediately and I was just like, oh my gosh are you kidding me? 

Girl: It's scary. Reporter: Experts say little Lanella was likely bumped by a black

tipped shark, which commonly feed on fish in shallow water. While normally timid,

a black tip can become aggressive if it mistakes a human's hand or a foot for food.

The frightening encounter happened off the coast of Oahu near Honolulu. 

And check out this incredible footage of another shark swimming close to people in

Waikiki. The shark comes within feet of the stunned swimmers. L anella says she 

doesn't particularly care what kind of shark it was. Girl: I don't know but I wasn't 

going to stick around to find out. Anchor: I'm with you. So far this year there have

been 12 shark attack bites reported in the U.S. Eight of them in Florida and four in Hawaii. 



1. Detail the scary moment ecountered by the girl.

2. What kind of shark, the expert suspect it was? 

3. How many shark attacks been reported in the U.S. this year.

2021-05-10 오후 1:55:38
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